Car Culture Still Thrives! 

The world would make you think that car culture is dying.  That the original hot rodder is now well past his prime and heading towards extinction.  The world continues to push a “green” initiative with hybrid and electric alternatives. 

Our opinion, and please remember that it is exactly that, our opinion, is that there is serious confusion about what car culture really is.  Statistics would tell us that car sales declining is a representation that car culture is dying.  We would argue that car sales are not representative of those who view cars as a lifestyle or a way of life. 

The trend amongst many millennials has to forgo drivers’ licenses, cars and suburbs.  They’ve traded traditional lifestyle for big city high rises, man buns and public transportation.  That is 100% okay they don’t understand our love of everything automotive.  I’ve often been told, “they don’t have to understand your life, it’s not for them.”  I’ve often been labeled a gear head and I wear that like a badge of honor.  Outsiders will never understand why you go to a car show, why that the dragstrip they built a house next to has to be so noisy and that hanging in the garage drinking beer with your buddies while fixing your broken hot rod is your favorite past time. 

There’s a number of stats I could find to prove my point.  For example, that prior to the pandemic it was estimated that the automotive aftermarket was estimated at 212 Billion dollars.  How about another fact, there’s currently more automotive shows on TV than ever before. Let’s not mention the fact that you can still buy factory hot rods from the big three! 

One popular forum for car enthusiasts, hot rodders and gear heads to assemble is at Cars and Coffee.  The concept is easy, dust off your ride drive it to the local meet up spot, have a cup of coffee and talk shop with like-minded people.  A quick google search will direct you to your local spot.  Do you have a local gathering, hit is up for decals we’ll send you a some stuff to hand out to your local “Built Not Bought Crowd.” 

We understand that it’s 2021 and not 1969 any more, but as ambassadors of the automotive lifestyle we’re going to do everything we can to keep the hammer down on promoting car culture.  Stay Rusty my fellow gear heads!